News on the US Dollar

Like with many other currencies nowadays, the US dollar fluctuates, especially now that the world and US economy is precarious. Large fluctuations in currencies can make it very difficult for businesses doing international trade.

I know how they feel because even though I don’t have a business that is trading internationally, I do frequently send money from here in the US back to my family in the Philippines. I have been trying to support my younger siblings through school and it has been very difficult for me to anticipate the costs because of large fluctuations in the currency exchange rate between the US dollar and the Philippine peso. I can imagine how hard it must be for businesses trying to figure out how to make a profit overseas when they don’t know what the currency exchange rates are going to be. more

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Credit Ratings

My hubby and I have finally refinanced our home. We had been talking about doing it for a couple of years now and were able to take advantage of the historically low mortgage interest rates and also to get my name on the home loan papers.

We had a meeting with our banker a few months ago to make sure that we were qualified for the best of the low rates. At that point, both of our credit ratings were excellent so we thought there would be no problem. Unfortunately, when we went in to get the rate locked in, the banker said that my credit rating had dropped and the lowest rate was not available to us at that time. more

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Payment Fiasco

We keep getting these 0% APR credit card offers in the mail. My hubby and I applied for some of these and two, from the same company, that we received were in my name. Last Monday my hubby paid off the balances before the 0% APR expired on both cards. Since the credit bills are auto pay deducted from our bank account my hubby switched the auto pay from minimum payment to pay the entire balance each month. After my hubby paid off the balances both cards registered zero balance on the website. more

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Online Reputation Management

I have my own online advertising business and it is very important to me that my customers and followers get a good and accurate picture of my websites and business. I am very careful what I write on my own blogs and put on my social networking sites but sometimes the comments or information can be beyond my control. I am often worried about whether or not I should post certain comments and am always bugging my hubby to make sure they are OK. I don’t want to inadvertently offend anyone or make a casual comment that might be misinterpreted and hope other people that I communicate with will use the same caution while communicating with me. Nevertheless, sometimes stuff happens and when it does, you can’t take it back. more

Watching Our Finances


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My hubby and I have a few big expenses coming up in the near future. He needs to get his teeth fixed and new dentures. We are thinking about doing that in my native country, the Philippines. We don’t have dental insurance and getting all those dental services mentioned above would definitely cost us a lot of money if we were going to do that here in the US. I have a dentist friend in the Philippines and my hubby really likes her service. In order for us to get to the Philippines, we need plane tickets and they are getting pricey lately. more

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